Cuppow Review & Flash Giveaway! (ENDED)

Today I am reviewing a couple of products from Cuppow! Cuppow is an American company that started out of a need to develop everyday products that would decrease their eco-footprint. They are committed to using domestic options in their supply, manufacturing, and fulfillment of products. Cuppow's products are made of recycled food-grade polypropylene plastic that is free of BPA, BPS, and phthalates. Furthermore, Cuppow commits to giving back 5% of their profits towards other like-minded organizations and domestic charities that focus on engaging people in environmental stewardship, recycling, and social awareness.

Cuppow's original product is their Cuppow Jar Drinking Lids. These are lids that are made to adapt your canning jar into a drinking glass. There is a slot for straws; unfortunately, this is small and most reusable straws do not fit in them. None of my Glass Dharma straws fit. Luckily, I had a slim stainless steel straw from EcoJarz that did work. I believe their straw-tek design was made for plastic straws, but I don't recommend single-use straws as they are a drain on the environment. If you don't happen to have the correct size reusable straw for these drinking lids, I would recommend just sipping from the slot. However, despite being plastic, the lids are durable and they also come in several color options!

Cuppow's newest, and in my opinion, best product is their BNTO Jar Lunchbox Adaptors. These are inserts that you fit into a wide-mouth canning jar so you can keep dips, liquids, and more separate from the rest of your lunch. They hold 6 ounces which is plenty of room for most uses. The BNTO works with any wide-mouth jars, but I find that the 24-ounce "Pint & Half" mason jars are the perfect size for most food uses. Watch this video to see how they work.

BNTO by Cuppow! from Paper Fortress on Vimeo.

Pretty cool, huh?! Now I am partnering with Cuppow to giveaway their Cuppow Jar Drinking Lids in regular-mouth and wide-mouth and a BNTO Jar Lunchbox Adaptor. This is a flash giveaway which is going on for today only, and you'll need to head over to my Facebook page to enter! Hurry so you don't miss out!

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