Today's Co-op Order

I just got back from picking up my February co-op order.

pastured pig fat (for rendering into lard)
pastured pork stew meat
pastured breakfast sausage patties
pastured chicken leg quarters
pastured GMO-free eggs
pastured GMO-free whole chicken (for my Chicken and Stock in a Pot)
pastured GMO-free chicken livers
grass-fed beef liver
grass-fed ground beef
grass-fed ribeyes
grass-fed raw cheddar cheese

I also bought my dog some pastured chicken backs - he loves those. I can't buy him a month's worth of meat from the co-op anymore. We've got a monster of a dog and only have a small chest freezer. I'm getting tired of it being packed to the brim. Every time I want something out of it, I have to practically unpack and repack the whole thing. Thankfully, the farmers' market has cheap pastured chicken wings or drumsticks which I've been getting for him. They've also just started stocking chicken livers so that takes care of organ meats, which dogs need. I can just get a week's worth of dog food and save myself the freezer space.

If you're in Oklahoma, make sure you check out the Oklahoma Food Cooperative.


  1. Oh yes! I will be picking up my order later!

  2. Posted this on Facebook but thought I would share here as well. I pick up my first order in about an hour. My town just got a drop-off this is our first month to have it. :)

  3. How much do you pay for it all?


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