Review: Excalibur 2400 Food Dehydrator

This is the Excalibur 2400 Food Dehydrator. I was fortunate enough to receive one for review from Everything Kitchens.

The Excalibur is known as the best food dehydrator on the market. After using mine, I now know why. The quality that it outputs is consistent. I first used the Excalibur to make kale chips - something I've done before in my oven. Making kale chips in the oven is finicky; they don't cook evenly and they burn quickly. Because dehydrators don't cook - they dry using a fan at low temperatures to slowly pull out moisture - the food comes out the same and it's very nearly impossible to burn.

Dehydration is method of food preservation that has been around for centuries. Removing the moisture from food prevents the growth of bacteria, molds, and yeasts. If you're not into canning food or, if you're like me, and too quickly run out of room in the freezer, dehydrating is a safe preservation method that anyone can accomplish. Food that has been dehydrated is shelf stable for a long time.

I also like dehydrating because I can run it often for as long as I need. Although dehydrating is possible in the oven, it's not convenient for someone like me who cooks and bakes often and can't have the oven constantly occupied. Dehydrators use much less energy than a big oven, and the Excalibur is extremely quiet. The trays slide right out which makes clean-up a breeze.

One of the best things about dehydration is that it keeps food nutritious and even has the ability to keep food raw. Food is raw at 116 to 118° F. The canning process boils food at high temperatures in order to kill any bacteria, but it also takes away many nutrients at the same time.

Here's how I made my raw kale chips:
Tear the kale into pieces a little larger than bite-size (remember that they will shrink a little during dehydration). Rub generously with extra virgin olive oil, salt, and chili powder. Dehydrate at 115° F for 10 hours.

I really recommend dehydrating as an easy, no-fuss method of food preservation. The Excalibur is a top notch machine. There are models for every budget: 9 trays, 5 trays, and 4 trays. The 4 tray model, which is the one I have, is very affordable and is perfect for small families or if you're just stepping into food dehydration. You can purchase an Excalibur dehydrator from Everything Kitchens for great prices and excellent customer service (they also have lots of other cool kitchen stuff!).

Do you have a dehydrator? What do you like to dehydrate? I'm looking forward to preserving lots of fruit this summer!


  1. I like to dry apple, banana, peaches, pineapple, cherries, fruit roll ups, green peppers, I also made crispy nuts. A friend of mine also dries carrots. I have not tried potatoes but it is on the list. I read you can also dry yogurt too. I have the 5 tray excalibur and I highly recommend it to anyone who is thinking about dehydrating. The book you can buy from Excalibur is really a good purchase. I can't wait to see what everyone else dries.

  2. I had dehydrated okra with sea salt the other day. It was amazing!

  3. I've had my 9-tray Excalibur Deluxe Timer dehydrator since September, 1999. It's great for all kinds of drying jobs. I've even used it to dry reusable food storage bags after washing them! Of course, you have to use a low temp, but it doesn't take long at all. I've also put damp kitchen towels and dish cloths in to dry out before putting them in the laundry bin. They dry more quickly in the dehydrator than they do hanging around the kitchen, and there's less chance of having problems with mold, odor, etc., before you're ready to wash them.

  4. Well explained..!!

    I totally agree to that Excalibur dehydrator is the best food dehydrator available in the market today.

    The quality is unsurpassed and the 10 year guarantee assures that company is confident about the product because it is “guarantee” and not “warranty”.

    However, I was exploring the web to learn more about Excalibur food dehydrator and landed on which had complete information on dehydrators.

  5. Any good recipe book that teaches you how to dehydrate meats, produce, and herbs?


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