The Benefits of Goat Milk

I bet many of you have never considered goat milk. I hadn't considered it until I found goat cheese at my local farmers' market. Let me tell you why goat milk and products made with goat milk are a healthy choice.

Goat milk may actually be a good alternative for people with allergies to cow milk. Milk from goats contains 7% less lactose and is more easily digested than milk from cows.  This is because the fat molecules in goat milk are one-fifth the size to those in cow milk. The goat milk quickly absorbs and passes through the colon, while cow milk passes so slowly that it sits in the digestive system and ferments, which causes discomfort and reactions in people with these allergies. Intolerance to goat milk is a very rare disorder.

Goat milk contains higher amounts of vitamins and minerals. It boasts 13% more calcium and 47% more vitamin A than cow milk. In addition, goat milk is higher in potassium, iron, and magnesium, contains more protein, and is lower in carbohydrates. Goat milk is closer in makeup to human milk, so it is more easily tolerated by the human body. For this reason many people consider goat milk to be the more natural choice.

From the organic perspective, goat milk is a good option. Because most dairy goat farms are small, the farmers employ more natural methods of raising their animals. The goats are allowed to be free-range, and since they are smaller than cows there is plenty of pasture available to graze. When the goats are allowed to roam and eat lots of grass, they are very healthy and there is no need to use antibiotics. Most farmers will not use hormones such as recombinant bovine growth hormone (rBGH).

If you've never had goat milk or goat cheese, I encourage you to try it. I don't have access to goat milk, but I do buy the cheese. It tastes very similar to cow cheese. Now I only buy goat cheese because it tastes so good and because of the health benefits. To find the freshest goat milk products, first check your local farmers' market. If you have a Whole Foods or large natural foods store in your area, they often sell goat milk as well.


  1. Cristina - another great article! If you don't have access to Goat Milk, you might try one of our powdered goats milk as an alternative:

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  2. I love goats. My dream is to have a small farm with a couple of goats, not only do they supply great food, but they are really fun to hang out with.

  3. You can get goats milk in any supermarket in the UK.. also in quite a few of the smaller "convenience" supermarkets. Great stuff. Demand it from your supermarket.

  4. Depending on where you live, herd shares may be available. We get local, fresh, raw goat milk every week through a herd share, which is similar to a CSA. It's good stuff, and we've met the goats that produce it. :)


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