Buffalo Gal Grassfed Beauty Giveaway!


Today I am sooo excited to introduce you to my newest sponsor, Buffalo Gal Grassfed Beauty! Carrell Farms, Inc. created Buffalo Gal Grassfed Beauty as a way to innovatively use more of each animal they harvest and to reflect their own mission of health and wellness. They make each batch on their farm from the tallow of their grassfed, chemical-free water buffalo. Their animals are raised with love and respect.

I have long been a fan of grass-fed tallow for skin use. For a couple of years, I have been making my DIY Whipped Tallow Lotion. Shalley at Buffalo Gal takes that above and beyond. She makes eye treatments, facial moisturizers, lip whips, and sugar scrubs, in addition to her body butters. She combines her grass-fed tallow with other organic oils and high quality essential oils for a truly amazing and natural product.

You might be thinking, why tallow? Tallow is at least 50% saturated fat, and so is actually similar to human cell membranes. This means that tallow is readily absorbed, and using grass-fed tallow will provide your skin with vitamins A, D, E, and K, as well as CLA (conjugated linoleic acid), which has anti-cancer and anti-inflammatory properties. Tallow is a traditional skin moisturizer that was used for centuries before it was replaced in the cosmetics industry in modern years in favor of petrochemicals. Most importantly, tallow feels amazing on the skin! It doesn't leave the greasy, wet feeling that coconut oil and other oils do.

I got to try several of Buffalo Gal's products. First up were the lip whips. These come in several wonderful scents, but my favorite is the Vanilla Nutmeg. Conventional lip balms actually dry your lips out, that way you use more (and then buy more). Since tallow is naturally moisturizing, you don't have to use it as much or as often. But it feels great when you do! I also tried the Eye Revive. This tallow is infused with rose, calendula, and lavender, and then has sandalwood essential oil added. This blend is formulated to calm and hydrate puffy, irritated skin, and to smooth wrinkles. Did you know that eating lots of healthy fats helps to prevent wrinkles? So, it makes sense that putting healthy fats on the outside of your skin would also help with the same issues!

The last products I tried - and the ones Buffalo Gal is providing for this giveaway! - are the Farm Girl products. Farm Girl's Fresh Face is meant for oily to normal skin. It can even be used under make-up. Farm Girl's Friend is meant for dry skin. It is great to use at night, while the Fresh Face is optimal for the daytime. The both contain lavender and frankincense essential oils, which are awesome for skin. I actually have actually been using Farm Girl's Friend on my hands, which tend to get dryer as it gets colder outside. It really helps!

The products at Buffalo Gal Grassfed Beauty are fantastic and lovely. I approve of every ingredient used! The line is priced appropriately for the high quality of ingredients; also remember that with this line, a little goes a long way so you really get your moneys worth!

Buffalo Gal Grassfed Beauty is giving away a jar of Farm Girl's Fresh Face and Farm Girl's Friend to one winner here. Please, stop by her website and show her some love. If you don't win, take a look around the shop and keep them in mind for your holiday gifts.

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